Thursday, September 8, 2011

Remembering Carmen

             What was supposed to be a photo walk turned out to be a trip down the memory lane.
             After having our halo-halo, Kuya Jong, Kuya Jun and I decided to take our photography adventure into another level. I promise to make a personality profile about these two incredible guys after the photo contest. :) In the middle of our journey, we couldn't help but think why we're so willing to put an effort in  a very simple photo contest. We all agreed that it wasn't just about the prize. Perhaps, we didn't want the judges to be disappointed. Perhaps, it was because of our love for photography. Or I simply put it as lingaw-lingaw na lang namon.
           In an attempt to find the undiscovered beauty of Tacurong City, we found ourselves in a place that brought so much memories of our childhood days. Brgy. Carmen is the home of Boy Scout and Girl Scout camp site in Sultan Kudarat.
          Kuya Jong and Kuya Jun recounted their days as campers. Can you believe it? I thought the only connection that we have is our passion for taking pictures. Now, I need to add Carmen on my list about the things that we have in common. Kuya Jun joked about how Kuya Jong's school camp was strategically placed in a special area. Private school daw kasi.haha I didn't know that even school camps have become a status symbol.
         In my personal trance, I did remember my early days as a Star Scout/Girl Scout. Oh how I miss singing the GSP song. I miss reciting the Girl Scout Promise and the Girl Scout Law. I miss tying different kinds of knots. Carmen is a place that taught me how to become independent at a very young age. As I look back, I wonder how many people of my age had the same experience. But just like any girl, I am happy that the kids in Sultan Kudarat will recite the same laws, sing the same songs, tie the same knots and wear the same uniform (with badges pa!) come October. We may not know each other but one thing that binds us is our experience in a place called Carmen.


  1. I hope you'll win the contest

  2. Thought carmen was a lady!Nice take!!!!Kuyaw pa ang photographers