Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Soul searching in Singapore

After taking a hiatus for almost nine months, I am finally back! Let's give credit to my recent out-of-the-country trip last week for it made me realize that yes, I have been taking this blog for granted. I also unearthed some travel photos taken a few months ago. So from this day on, I shall be posting long overdue entries.

First on the list, the fine city Singapore. Vicki, whom I met during the debate and media camp in Thailand, was my personal tour guide during my four-day visit. I also thank her friends Adeline and Chris for letting me stay at their place since I was on a tight budget.haha

As a former tour guide herself, Vicki was in fact commendable as a friend-turned-ambassador of her country. Her honest opinion about her country's culture and status quo just proves that she is not your average run of the mill tour guide. I owe my first Singapore trip to her.

So what happened in Singapore? I went to Sentosa, Marina Bay Sands, National University of Singapore, National Library, National Museum, Haw Par Villa, Harry Potter Exhibit, Bugis Street, Chinatown, etc. Oh did I mention the mambo at Zouk, Lucky Plaza and Arab street? I will definitely go back to Singapore next year!


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